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Ready, Steady, Mow! British lawnmower racing season gets underway

Ready, Steady, Mow!

Ready, Steady, Mow!

The cream of the British lawnmower racing crop assembled in the Surrey village of Lingfield on Sunday for the start of a new season.

This is motorsport on a budget for people who love to race and have some fun, but there is also a competitive edge here that enthusiasts say is every bit as keen as in Formula One.

The challenge for the dedicated lawnmower racer is to stay consistent across a number of hard-fought events around the country from May to October.

One of them will win the coveted British Lawnmower Championship title.

There are three categories or classes of racing - Group 2 machines look like a traditional lawnmower with a seat attached, Group 3 mowers are more akin to a buggy and Group 4 entries are often described as lawn tractors.

Karl Selby outshone his rivals in the tractor style class, Stuart Johnson crossed the line first in Group 3, while Graham Tibbenham took the chequered flag in Group 2.

The next Grand Prix meeting is scheduled for two weeks' time in Billingshurst, West Sussex.

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