Mass at the drive-in

Colombian priest holds mass in drive-in Cinema

Hundreds of people gathered for a drive-in Mass near the Colombian capital Bogota on Sunday, and worshipped from the safety of their vehicles amid coronavirus concerns.  

From the stage inside a drive-in cinema in Chia municipality, 10 kilometers north of Bogota, Catholic priest Luis Carlos Ayala made the sign of the cross and greeted the community.

From their vehicles, the Catholic faithful listened to the service. Some knelt on the asphalt of the facility that had room for 300 vehicles.

The quarantine in Colombia, which went into effect in March, requires the adjusting of customs, such as taking strict sanitary measures when leaving and returning home, working numerous hours from home, carefully cleaning the groceries, as well as modifying the way people physically interact with one another.

Religious rituals are no exception.

Quarantine restrictions have not been lifted in Colombia after almost five months of stay-at-home orders.

In some cities such as Bogota, people can go out for non-essential activities only on even or odd days, depending on the last number of their identification card.