Swiss explorer 'first to complete parachute jump from solar-powered plane'

Swiss 'first to complete parachute jump from solar-powered plane'

Swiss explorer Raphael Domjan has completed what is claimed to be the world's first parachute jump from a solar-powered aircraft. 

Domjan, 48, took off from an airfield in western Switzerland and jumped from around 5,000 feet or 1,524 metres. 

The two-seater aircraft was powered purely by solar energy, collected by 22 square-metres of solar cells spread across its two wings.

"I think what we have done today is very important. It's showing young people that certain sporting activities, that are surreal, there are a lot of things that can be done," he said.

"And we can continue doing them thanks to electricity, thanks to planes that do not emit greenhouse gas, do not make a noise.

"We see that there is a trend today of aviation that emits greenhouse gases, it has an impact on the climate. We shall see that in the future we will do it without impact and that we can continue to dream. Planes have always made people dream, that's most important."