Argentina, Japan, Turkey: Here’s where your pound will go the furthest this winter

From Argentina to Turkey, these are the best places to travel on a budget this winter.
From Argentina to Turkey, these are the best places to travel on a budget this winter. Copyright Canva
Copyright Canva
By Angela Symons
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With the pound at a record low against the dollar, holidays to the US are off the cards. Here’s where you should go instead.


With many people determined to travel despite the cost of living crisis, the question on everyone’s lips is: “Where will my money go the furthest?”

Since the pound fell to a record-low against the dollar in September, US holidays are likely off the cards. It’s a similar story for countries that have a fixed exchange rate for their currency against the dollar, such as the Gulf states.

But don’t give up your holiday dreams just yet.

The money-saving experts at StudentUniverse have gathered the best destinations to visit without breaking the bank.

From Argentina to Turkey, these are the best places to travel on a budget this winter.

For warm weather and wildflowers: Argentina

Like the pound, the value of the Argentine peso has fallen in the past year. This means prices are still comparatively low for travellers from the UK. A beer will set you back around £1.70 (€2), a coffee £1.60 (€1.86), and an inexpensive restaurant meal £6 (€7).

During autumn in Europe, Argentina in the southern hemisphere welcomes spring. Buenos Aires is a comfortable 18 to 28°C and Patagonia’s wildflowers burst into colour, making it the perfect time to visit.

The Argentine peso currently stands at 170 to the pound versus 136 this time last year.

For low prices in an expensive destination: Japan

Japan’s pandemic-related border controls were finally lifted on 11 October. The country now allows visa-free travel for dozens of countries and no longer requires visitors to travel as part of a group.

Like the pound, the Japanese yen has recently weakened against the dollar, hitting a 32-year low. This means Brits still have some spending power in Japan and makes it the perfect time to visit what is typically an expensive destination.

The Japanese yen currently stands at 167 to the pound versus 157 this time last year.

For cheap food and drink: Sri Lanka

With Sri Lanka experiencing significant economic woes over the last few years, now is a good time to support the country’s tourism industry.

Prices for accommodation, activities and food are considerably cheaper in Sri Lanka than in the UK. Expect a three-course meal for two people to set you back around £10 (€11.60) and a beer as little as £1 (€1.16).

The Sri Lankan rupee currently stands at 410 to the pound versus 278 this time last year.

For low cost accommodation: Thailand

Thailand has always been a firm favourite among backpackers, but it delivers luxury on a budget too.

Although Thailand’s currency is relatively strong against the pound, it still remains a very affordable holiday destination.

Accommodation in a shared hostel dorm is typically as low as £7 (€8) per night, while five-star hotels in Bangkok start as low as £25 (€29). Food comes cheap as well, with meals in local food courts often costing less than a pound and restaurant meals typically under £5 (€5.80).

The Thai baht currently stands at 43 to the pound versus 46 this time last year.


For one of the cheapest destinations in Europe: Turkey

The pound has soared against the Turkish lira over the last few months, meaning you’ll get more than double this year what you might have done in 2019. This makes Turkey one of the cheapest destinations in Europe right now.

And with average temperatures between 18°C and 25°C in October, it’s the ideal place to catch some winter sun.

The Turkish lira currently stands at 21 the pound versus 13 this time last year.

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