Island hopping in Croatia's stunning Elaphiti archipelago

Island hopping in Croatia's stunning Elaphiti archipelago
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By Marta Brambilla

Postcards goes island hopping around Croatia's wonderful Elaphiti archipelago.

With over 6,000 km of coastline island hopping in Croatia makes a wonderful holiday getaway. 

The Elaphiti archipelago northwest of Dubrovnik is a paradise for swimmers, snorkellers and nature lovers alike. 

Koločep is famous for its blue cave and crystal clear waters, while Šipan, the biggest island in the archipelago, is especially popular among holidaymakers, given it has very few cars.  

Koločep's famous blue caveEuronews

Tour guide Anne Femica says: "In general the island is geared towards family tourism, they either stay in someone’s home or rent a house or apartment. People come here for the water sports and to bathe and of course to enjoy the local cuisine.

Šipan is the biggest island in the Elaphiti archipelago.Euronews

Summing up, Femica tells Euronews, "Šipan has always been called the Golden Island. It’s registered in the Guinness Book of Records as it has more olive trees in its 16 square kilometres than people. In winter, once the tourism season is finished everyone cultivates olive trees, to produce olive oil."

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