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Cheaper than an apartment in Europe: These 6 private islands cost less than you might think

A tropical island could be just within reach, for the cost of a flat in Europe.
A tropical island could be just within reach, for the cost of a flat in Europe. Copyright Pixabay
Copyright Pixabay
By Shannon McDonaghJill Pole
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You could have hectares of tropical paradise for the price of a one-bed flat in France.


With much of the world now open for tourism, it’s time to start brainstorming our holiday options.

From sun-soaked villas to bustling city apartments, now could be time to invest in accommodation of your own after months of home working and travel bans.

Here at Euronews Travel, we want you to dare to dream a little. What if you could buy your own private island for the same price as a private European apartment?

These options aren’t quite at the level where you’d be giving Richard Branson a run for his money any time soon. But we’ve found a host of holiday spots that could cost the same as a Spanish two-bed, with loads more space and a host of other features.

Every property here is featured on Private Island Magazine, home to one of the world’s biggest databases of exclusive isles. 

Here are six stellar finds, along with what you’d get for the same price if you were to buy somewhere outright across Europe.

6. Big Tancook Island, Nova Scotia - €56,898

Peggy's Cove, a famous local landmark in Nova ScotiaCanva

Big Tancook Island is on the market as an island parcel, meaning you can purchase part of the island for a family compound, hotel or camp site. An incredible buy, given we struggled to find an equitable one-bed holiday comparison.

A space in this Canadian province provides a staggering deal for fans of the simple life. Nova Scotia’s rocky shorelines and secluded ponds are big with fishermen, some of whom make up the small group of 125 residents living there.

What you could get for that price in Europe:A 63 square metre one-bedroom apartment in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria for €58,000

5. Danhattan Island, USA - €263,281

Courtesy of Private Islands Online
An island chalet in the heart of Connecticut's Ashland PondCourtesy of Private Islands Online

Now sold, Connecticut's sleepy, rural Danhattan Island is ready-fit with a woodland chalet that sleeps eight.

The land sits upon Ashland Pond, with its buyers getting first dibs on the mainland’s docking ports because the deal comes with a boat. Yes, a whole boat. 

What you could get for that price in Europe: A one-bedroom property in a gated community in Funchal, Madiera for €265,000

4. Majestic Island, USA - €274,982

Courtesy of Private Islands Online
An off-the-grid cabin island surrounded by watersports and animalsCourtesy of Private Islands Online

Wisconsin’s Beaver Dam Lake is home to less than 26 creatively-titled islands throughout its 2,719-hectare expanse. Majestic is probably one of the less nonsensical, but does it really matter when you’re sitting on a private island?

Majestic went on the market last year with an off-the-grid cottage in tow, the perfect place to watch the gentle activities surrounding Beaver Dam’s animal life.

What you could get for that price in Europe: A 131 square metre one-bedroom apartment in Marbella, Spain for €287,700


3. Bocal Island, Nicaragua - €292,535

Courtesy of Private Islands Online
The house features an infinity pool and staff accomodationCourtesy of Private Islands Online

We’re entering resort territory here. This island sold last year and was accompanied by a two-bedroom guest house, a caretakers house, an infinity pool, a cement pier and miles of sandy beaches.

It would go for a much higher price, given its surface area and Nicaragua’s gorgeous tropical climate. The reduction comes as a result of the owner taking up extensive refurbishments to the island’s features, so the lucky future buyer has lots of new things to look forward to.

What you could get for that price in Europe: A 51 square metre one-bed sea view flat in Palma Nova, Mallorca for €295,000

2. Isla Carabana Sol, Panama - €336,782

Courtesy of Private Islands Online
The additional perks really seal the dealCourtesy of Private Islands Online

This island comes complete with a sailboat mooring, speed boat garage and a property with two self contained apartments that are ready to move into.


It was likely designed with party people in mind given its additional features: a raised deck complete with BBQ, hot tub, tiki hut, private sandy beach and a private clear water swimming lagoon.

To avoid feeling too cut off, the island also offers great wifi and phone signals and is located just a short boat ride from a number of bars and restaurants.

What you could get for that price in Europe: A one-bed property in the Quartier Vernier in Nice, France for €338,000.

1. Iguana Island, Nicaragua - €396,951

Courtesy of Private Islands Online
Iguana Island spans two hectares and features a three bedroom villaCourtesy of Private Islands Online

The most expensive of our findings contains two hectares of white beaches and sheltered rainforests, cloaked in coconut palms and banana trees for maximum privacy.


Its property includes a three-bed, two-bathroom house, wrap-around porch, dining room, bar and living area, as well as staff accommodation. There’s also a boardwalk that stretches around the island and an 8.5-metre watchtower. All for the price of a studio apartment in the likes of Paris, London or Rome.

What you could get for that price in Europe: A luxury sea-front apartment on the Mediterranean coast in Collioure, France.

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