France’s first beer spa: Meet the couple behind this unusual self-care experience

Grab a friend or loved one and dive into a beer bath for a drink & de-stress
Grab a friend or loved one and dive into a beer bath for a drink & de-stress Copyright DeFobis / Taaka Beer Spa
Copyright DeFobis / Taaka Beer Spa
By Hannah Brown
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Take a sip and a dip in the baths at Strasbourg’s beer spa for an unusual day of relaxation.


When you imagine a spa day, you probably think of fluffy dressing gowns, calming spaces and a sauna. Taaka Beer Spa in Strasbourg has all those things though there’s a little more to the experience.

The first of its kind in France, it opened in 2022 and offers clients a dip in a ‘beer bath’ whilst sipping on local Alsatian beers.

Owners Naomie Crawshaw and Paul Fruh first came across the concept on a trip to Prague when they were students.

“We just thought, wow, we have to bring it to France. We have to show other French people about this concept,” Naomie tells Euronews Travel.

What is a beer spa?

The experience has three key stages to it. First of all, visitors go into the sauna. This helps to open up their pores so they can benefit more from the beer bath which is stage two,.

“The beer bath is not filled with beer, it wouldn't be very good for the skin, it would be a bit cold. But it's filled with the raw ingredients, so malt, hops and beer yeast,” Naomie explains.

Though it might sound surprising, each of the ingredients has its own unique effect on your body.

The yeast helps with the strength and shininess of your hair, skin and nails. Malt helps to draw toxins out of your skin. Hops provide the delightful fruity, floral smell of the bath and are also thought to help you relax.

Some people even think putting hops under your pillow will help you sleep better.

Bathing in beer while supporting local producers

The giant wooden bathtubs have enough room for two people. There are four baths in the room with more than enough space for a gang of beer-loving spa-goers. If you’d rather have a more private experience then you can hire the space all to yourself too.

Next to each bathtub, bathers have their own beer tap so you can pour yourself a nice cold drink whilst you soak away your stress.

Naomie and Paul say that what makes the spa especially unique is that they have made it a priority to support local producers as much as possible.

The hops and yeast come from Alsace and the malt comes from just over the border in Germany. Plus the beer they serve is from a small local producer so it’s hard to come by anywhere else.

And if you fancy something softer, it’s not just beer they serve.

“We have a lemonade with hops which is very good. Very strange at first, but a very nice and floral taste to it too,” Naomie explains.

Why should you go to a beer spa?

The third stage of the experience is the relaxation room. After the intense heat of the sauna, followed by a hot bubbly bath, this space allows visitors to cool off.

DeFobis / Taaka Beer Spa
Fluffy robes, check. Relaxation, check. Ice cold beers, check.DeFobis / Taaka Beer Spa

“I personally quite like to go to a spa to take care of myself and just relax,” Naomie says.

“Paul, he quite likes, after work, just to grab a beer with some friends. That's his way of taking off the pressure.”


Inspired by their two different approaches to looking after themselves, Naomie and Paul thought why not bring them together into one concept?

“As we like to say, you can take care of your body and of your mind at the same time.”

When you drink beer, your mind is always a bit more free and you feel a bit better, and all the ingredients in the baths are very good for your body, so it's good for your body and your mind,” Naomie adds.

Prices start from €50 per person depending on how long you want to spend in the bath.

Watch the video above to get a taste of the beer spa experience.


Video editor • Hannah Brown

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