Chef Thierry Voisin's Kamaboko-stuffed courgette flower recipe

Chef Thierry Voisin's Kamaboko-stuffed courgette flower recipe
By Katy Dartford

Chef Thierry Voisin’s Kamaboko-stuffed courgette flower recipe

Thierry Voisin is the French Michelin-starred chef of the "Les Saisons" restaurant of the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. 

He has created a French/Japanese fusion dish around kamaboko, the finest of Japanese surimi.

Why not try it at home and become a true chef? Get ready, it's going to get a bit technical.


1 Kamaboko (surimi)

10 Courgette flowers

1 Horsehair crab (Erimacrus isenbeckii)


Olive oil


Dice the kamaboko

Shell and chop the crab

Stuff the courgette flower with kamaboko and crab using a pastry bag

Poach the stuffed courgette flower in a steamer (10 minutes, 80°C)

Make a crab cream out of the carcass and add chives

Steam some courgettes and add butter

Make a courgette purée and grate some ginger into it

Fry the courgette flower tempura-style


Plate the courgette purée

Add the steamed courgette

And a stuffed courgette

Cover with the crab cream

Add a splash of olive oil

Add the courgette flower tempura