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Chef Thierry Voisin's Duck with Miso and Mandarin Orange

Chef Thierry Voisin's Duck with Miso and Mandarin Orange

Thierry Voisin is the French Michelin-starred chef of the Les Saisons restaurant in Tokyo. He has created a dish based on miso - a fermented, soy paste fundamental to Japanese cuisine.

This recipe combines the elegance of the duck and the freshness of the mandarin orange fruit with the depth of miso. Why not try it at home and become a true chef?


1 Duck breast

25g Mandarin orange puree

50g White miso paste

Chanterelles mushrooms


Salt and black pepper


Slightly score the skin of the duck breast and season with salt and pepper

Sear the duck over medium heat for around 10 minutes and add a knob of butter

Separate the duck and the juice

Let the duck rest for a few minutes

Add pepper to the mandarin purée

Mix the white miso (2/3) with the mandarin purée (1/3)

Cover one side of the duck generously with the miso/mandarin orange mixture

Place the duck, miso-side up, in a salamander oven

Sauté the chanterelles mushrooms in a pan

Once the miso is browned, remove the fillet and cut into thick slices


Place three duck slices on a plate

Add the mushrooms

Pour over the juice

Bon appétit!