Michelin-starred chef Thierry Voisin shares his recipe for Shiitake mushrooms with "Taste"

Sophie Claudet
Sophie Claudet
By Sophie Claudet  & Robert Hackwill

Shiitake cream soup

  • 200g fresh shiitakes

  • 100g dried shiitakes

  • 15g shallots

  • 25cl milk

  • 150g thick cream (42% fat)

  • 3cl vermouth

  • 30cl white poultry meat stock

  • Honey vinegar

  • Jabugo ham

  • Sliced fresh shiitake

  • Whipped cream

  • Fresh herb oil

Step by step :

  • Sweat the sliced and fresh shiitakes

  • Add the shallots and the vermouth

  • Heat until well-reduced

  • Add the poultry stock, milk, and cream

  • Cook for 10-15 minutes

  • Blend, and sieve


  • Plate up in a deep dish
  • Scatter several pan-fried shiitake slices on top, with the ham, a dash of cream, and

a few splashes of herb oil, and the honey vinegar