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Food fraud: how to be sure of the quality and safety of produce

Food fraud: how to be sure of the quality and safety of produce
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By Claudio Rosmino

How can we be sure that the spices we buy are safe - and genuinely match the descriptions on their labels and packaging?

Additionally, how can the consumer be completely confident that they're making the right purchase?

The quality of the product is always the key factor of course, but we should take into account other elements too, according to a spice trader and a food scientist.

Alexandre Veuve, Proprietor, Le Tour Du Monde En Epices:

"Any food product must have traceability.

"We really want to offer quality to our customers by providing them with a product where we are sure of its origins, where we know who the producer is."

Franz Ulberth, Head of Fraud Detection and Prevention Unit, at the Joint Research Centre:

"As a consumer, I will always ask myself: the price that is shown on the label of the product; could that be correct?

"Could that really reflect the quality that is indicated on the label?

And if I have doubts, in the sense that this is too cheap, I would question myself and I would then reconsider my intention to purchase."