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Meet the unusual artist behind this giant recycled sculpture

Meet the unusual artist behind this giant recycled sculpture
Little Tilde   -   Copyright  Troels Nielsen
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Don’t believe them when they say trolls don’t exist in the forest, the little creatures are there - you’ve just got to look for them. Start with the unknown depths of Copenhagen’s woodlands, and you’ll discover some Scandinavian mythical monsters.

What are we talking about? These trolls are mementoes of how far art can go, all through the lens of recycled materials. The woodland creatures are the brainchild of Danish artist Thomas Dambo.

As a child, Dambo used to spend a lot of time trying to find wood and leftover materials to build various structures, such as his tree house. Later on, while studying to become a carpenter, he instead started bringing a variety of art projects to life. For example, an entire jungle made from plastic waste and a market built from scrap wood.

Today, his team make everything from furniture and scenography to more intimate art installations and sculptures. As always, there is only one rule – absolutely everything is made from recycled materials.

Click on the video above to learn more about Thomas Dambo's work.

Header picture: Troels Nielsen

Video: www.thomasdambo.com

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