What is Earth Hour, when is it this year and why is it important?

Earth Hour March 2021
Earth Hour March 2021 Copyright Getty via Canva
By Maeve CampbellDoloresz Katanich
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Switching off your lights for Earth Hour is a symbolic gesture to promote climate action.


Switching off the lights for an hour - a simple idea that will bring millions of people together this year to celebrate what is known as Earth Hour.

Organised by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), this 60-minute celebration of our planet will take place on 25 March this year.

Earth Hour has been uniting people all over the world, in more than 190 countries, since 2007.

This year, on the last Saturday in March, communities and businesses will switch off their lights between 8.30 and 9.30pm local time to show care and support for planet Earth.

In previous years, lights were even turned off on the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Sydney Opera House and the ancient Acropolis in Athens.

As well as turning off your lights, you are encouraged to get involved in other activities to promote climate action on this day.

The organisers have put together a list of 20 ways you can take part.

  1. Turn off all lights

  2. Have dinner in the dark

  3. Listen to a podcast

  4. Have a night of board games or reading by candlelight

  5. Improve your knowledge of climate change

  6. Watch an educational video

  7. Camp in your backyard or living room

  8. Pick up litter in your local park

  9. Clear out your wardrobe and donate unwanted clothes to charity

  10. Replace non-eco friendly items in your home with sustainable alternatives

  11. Practice some nighttime photography

  12. Install energy efficient light bulbs around your house

  13. Go for a walk outdoors

  14. Use Google Lens to learn about plants and animals in your neighbourhood

  15. Try out stargazing 

  16. Go forest bathing 

  17. Meditate outdoors

  18. Birdwatch from your window

  19. Sort out your recycling

  20. Join an Earth Hour event near you

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