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Greta Thunberg makes history in stamp form

Greta Thunberg in her iconic yellow raincoat.
Greta Thunberg in her iconic yellow raincoat.   -   Copyright  Henning Trollback/Postnord/EPA
By Marthe de Ferrer  with AP

Swedish stamps are about to get a lot greener.

A new series of environmentally themed stamps have been launched, featuring climate activist Greta Thunberg.

The illustration, designed by artist and illustrator Henning Trollbäck, shows the teenager on a rocky cliff, in her signature yellow raincoat, alongside swifts.

“We’re pleased that Greta, among several illustrations of important nature, will be symbolised on our stamps,” explains PostNord’s Kristina Olofsdotter. “These natural places are very important and we all need to do our part to preserve them.”

The rest of the set features biodiverse bogs, agricultural landscapes, and other examples of Swedish flora and fauna. Also included are references to Sweden’s new environmental quality goals, such as the ecosystems the government has pledged to protect.

AP Photo
The stamps feature Greta's trademark yellow raincoat.AP Photo

Thunberg, who recently turned 18, was chosen for the set because of her efforts to “preserve Sweden’s unique nature for future generations.”

She is one of the youngest people to ever feature on a stamp in Sweden, an honour which “means that a person is doing something extraordinary,” according to Olofsdotter.

The stamps “should reflect our time, where the environmental issue has been relevant and present for many years, not least through Greta Thunberg’s strong voice,” said Postnord in a statement.

Sadly for those of us outside Sweden, these stamps are intended for domestic post only at the moment - so you’ll have to visit Stockholm to get a hold of one.

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