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Immersive story: Want to save the climate? Drink more wine!

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Click the binoculars to enter full screen mode
By Ole Krogsgaard
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Did you know that the climate would be better off if we all used more cork?


Start the interactive 360-degree experience by clicking the image above. Enter full-screen mode by clicking the binoculars. Don't forget to turn the sound on.

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Want to save the climate? Drink more wine!

Sadly, wine drinking alone won’t do the job. But believe it or not, if you drink wine plugged with a cork, you are actively helping the environment.

Why? Because wine corks are made of the bark from the Quercus Suber or cork oak. The bark is extracted from the tree by highly skilled labourers, and while the cork oak regrows its protective layer it captures five times more CO2 from the atmosphere than it would have otherwise.

But only around half Catalonia’s cork oak trees are currently being used for its cork.

If you increase your consumption of wine with a cork, you help make sure more cork oaks will be stripped in the future.

Do you want to know more about how wine corks are made?

In this interactive 360-degree experience, we take you to the Catalonian cork oak forests and a modern high-tech cork factory that is specialised in producing corks for sparkling wine.

To start the experience, click the image on top of this article.

This 360-degree video was shot with a GoPro Fusion

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