HBO Max is launching in Europe: Everything you need to know

The late James Gandolfini starred as the lead in one of HBO's first crown jewels, The Sopranos
The late James Gandolfini starred as the lead in one of HBO's first crown jewels, The Sopranos Copyright AP Photo
Copyright AP Photo
By Shannon McDonagh
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What to expect when the US streaming service drops in 26 different countries in Europe over the next year.


American streaming service HBO Max has revealed plans to rollout its platform to European television fanatics later this month.

Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Spain and Andorra will be the first countries to receive the service, on October 26 this year.

The platform was first launched in 2020 as a competitor to the likes of Netflix, Disney+, and Apple TV.

New subscribers will be granted access to thousands of the world's most popular films and television shows, old and new. Harry Potter, The Sopranos, Sex and the City, and The Dark Knight, to name a few.

Here's everything you need to know about the new service.

What countries in Europe will be able to access HBO Max?

What people can expect to see from HBO MaxWarnerMedia

HBO Max's European rollout will span 26 countries over the next year or so, inclusive of the first group launching later this month.

Other places that can expect to receive HBO Max in 2022 are Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia.

What will I be able to watch on HBO Max?

WarnerMedia's ubiquity in film and television guarantees a surprising amount of options for potential subscribers.

The platform's primary offerings, other than its namesake, include Cartoon Network, CNN, and Warner Brothers Films.

As part of HBO Max's launch in Europe, it debuted teaser clips for series three of Succession, the follow-up installment to Sex and the City story, And Just Like That..., and Game of Thrones prequel House Of Dragon.

It's expected the library of material will be combined across HBO Max, as it is in the US.

How much will HBO Max cost?

The monthly prices depend on where you live, but roughly equate to €8.99.

Here's the monthly price list for the first six countries:

Andorra and Spain - €8.99

Denmark - 79KR

Sweden and Norway - 89KR

Discounts are available for subscribers that opt in to an annual subscription, where you pay for eight months upfront for a year-long subscription.

How do I get HBO Max in Europe?

Just like you would any other service. Smart TV's, consoles, and mobile phones that facilitate streaming apps will add HBO Max to their libraries on the designated launch date.


From there, you make an account, set up your payment details, and watch away.

Roger Wong/INSTARimages/Reuters Connect
The return of Sex and the City is one of HBO Max's promised offeringsRoger Wong/INSTARimages/Reuters Connect

How popular is HBO Max compared to Netflix, Disney+, and other competitors?

As of June, HBO and HBO Max had 67.5 million subscribers worldwide, the majority of which reside in America as its primary offering.

Netflix leads the pack with 209 million subscribers globally, though Disney+ has amassed 116 million subscribers in less than two years.

Numbers for Apple TV and Amazon's Prime streaming service are less clear, as they are tied into other services those companies offer.

The move towards European exposure signifies a desire to exceed this.


Will this affect how I watch HBO shows right now?

This is the only answer we're a little unclear on. HBO has channels across Europe, the first launching in Hungary in 1991. It's likely you'll still be able to watch your favourite HBO shows on these programmes.

For those that don't, HBO licenses its shows to a number of external providers across Europe, such as cable providers Sky in the UK and NOWTV in Italy. Contracts like the one with Sky aren't due to expire until 2024.

It's yet to be seen how this will impact HBO Max's rollout in countries with these sorts of deals.

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