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Bad Moms strike out against the perils and pitfalls of parenting

Bad Moms strike out against the perils and pitfalls of parenting
By Euronews

New film ‘Bad Moms’ brings a string of female stars together to take digs at the modern day perils of parenting.

It’s about three overworked, over-committed and fed-up mums who decide to go on a wild binge of freedom, fun and frolicks.

Actresses Mila Kunis, Christina Applegate, Kathryn Hahn and Kristen Bell all turned up at the film’s premiere film in Los Angeles.

Kunis, who is pregnant with her second child, paid homage to her co-stars: “This group of women are unbelievably inspiration.

“When I signed on to the project it was the first movie I decided to do after having [my son] Wyatt and I was so nervous about going back to work with these 17-hour long days. And if it were not for these girls, I don’t know how I’d have got through it.”

The film follows Amy (Kunis), Kiki (Bell) and Carla (Hahn) who decide to break away from their responsibilities and have some freedom and fun for a change.

However, their attempt at freedom is looked upon with disdain by straight-laced Gwendolyn (Applegate) and Stacy (Jada Pinkett Smith).

Applegate said of her co-stars, who are all mothers, “We’re all kind of the bad moms rather than the Gwendolyns. I’m more of a Gwendolyn than I knew. I didn’t know.

“I’m really type A, I’m really controlling about everything and through this movie, I’ve learned that I really have to step back and have some time for me because you can sometimes lose your identity from trying to be perfect.”

Kathryn Hahn, who plays the most care-free of the moms said: “The good news about this movie is you can take about the word ‘Bad’ and put just ‘Real Moms’.

“None of these ladies are bad moms. I play a character who is certainly unshackled from feeling any sort of guilt or shame for her me time which is 24 hours a day.”

Although the film centres on women and motherhood, it was written and directed by two men – Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, who wrote the original Hangover film.

“You would never have known that two guys wrote this script when you read it,” says Bell. “It was so authentic and it was so accurate and I’m obviously the demographic because I have young kids but I always love when people shed labels and defy stereotypes, and – you know what?

“I love the idea of more female writer directors, more female CEOs but at the same time, good for them! They nailed it and they truly wrote a love letter to their wives and said ‘Honey, I did a lot of research into what you’re going through and here you go.’”

Bad Moms Moms goes on release in North America on July 29.

It will be showing on screens in France from August 3 and on general release in the UK from the end of August.