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720 seats & Five years to run: Unpacking the European Election

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Join our panel of experts on June 13th as they dissect the impact of the European elections


The votes of the 27 Member States are in and counted. So what’s next? Our correspondents Maia de la Baume and Shona Murray will unpack the results with our experts during a Euronews post-election special debate on June 13 at the Microsoft Technology Centre in Brussels.

The dust has barely settled on the newly elected parliament. The European People’s Party (EPP) emerged victorious with 186 seats. President Macron has rolled the dice and gambled on French citizens going to the polls again at the end of the month, this time to elect deputies for the national assembly. Far-right parties have emerged winners of this election and succeeded in seducing the younger generation. Finland and Denmark bucked the trend, giving the honours to  Socialists and Democrats, extreme left and Greens.

Maia de la Baume and Shona Murray will invite our experts to analyse the results and consider how these fresh faces will fare in European politics. 

They will be joined by Thanasis Bakolas, the Secretary General of the EPP as well as Alberto Alemanno, Professor of EU law at HEC Paris, Maria Demertzis, Senior Fellow at Bruegel, Karl Falkenberg - Former Director-General for Environment of EU Commission and President EU Chapter of Club of Rome, Jacob Moroza-Rasmussen, Senior Director European politics at APCO Worldwide and Former Secretary General of ALDE, and María Rodríguez Alcázar, President of European Youth Forum. 

Join our panel of experts on June 13th as they dissect the impact of these elections for the next five years in Europe and beyond. Watch the entire debate live on at 9:30 in the player below:

This Euronews debate post-elections special is brought to you with the support of Microsoft.

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