Colombia clashes continue amid reports of police abuses

Colombian residents in Chile protest against Colombia's President Ivan Duque
Colombian residents in Chile protest against Colombia's President Ivan Duque Copyright Esteban Felix/Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.
By Euronews with AP
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Protesters in Colombia have taken to the street again demanding an end to police abuse and the introduction of policies to overcome the economic crisis resulting from the pandemic.


Demonstrators in Colombia's capital Bogota took the streets again on Wednesday for the eighth consecutive day.

It was a peaceful protest which followed days of deadly confrontations with police that had left dozens dead and more reported missing.

Protests across Colombia demanded that President Iván Duque withdraw an initiative to raise taxes to counteract the economic downturn after a year of coronavirus restrictions.

According to the government human rights ombudsman office, 24 people died during the confrontations, 17 of them in the southern department of Cauca.

At least 85 people had also been reported missing, and 306 civilians were injured during the protests. Police reported 540 injured officers.

According to the non-governmental organisation Temblores, the figures could be higher; they also report cases of alleged sexual abuse by the police.

Fresh demonstrations

Duque withdrew the initiative during the weekend, but the police repression and a deadly toll motivated new demonstrations.

On Tuesday, the Colombian army deployed tanks at the north entrance of Bogota.

Meanwhile, hundreds of Colombian citizens residing in Chile gathered outside their consulate to show support and solidarity with the national strike called in Colombia on Wednesday.

With candles and prayers, demonstrators asked to stop the violence in Colombia, which in these eight days of a national strike have left at least 24 people killed, according to the government human rights ombudsman office.

Chilean citizens also joined in the act of solidarity, which was replicated in other countries such as Mexico and Australia.

Thousands of Colombians living in Spain also held protests in Madrid and other cities on Thursday to protest against police violence back home.

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