Meet Dogor the 18,000-year-old puppy found in Siberia

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By Luke Hurst
Dogor was well preserved in the permafrost of Siberia
Dogor was well preserved in the permafrost of Siberia   -   Copyright  S Fedorov/Centre for Palaeogenetics   -   Hurst, Luke

A puppy has been found almost perfectly preserved - despite being around 18,000 years old.

The body of the young pup was discovered in a remote part of northeast Siberia, Russia.

Researchers who made the find, from the Centre for Palaeogenetics (CPG) based in Stockholm, cannot yet determine if it is a dog or a wolf.

The experts say the puppy, which has been named Dogor, was just two months old when he died, lying undisturbed for thousands of years in the permafrost.

Love Dalén/Centre for Palaeogenetics

Dogor means friend in Yakut, a language spoken in the Sakha Republic in Russia near where he was found.

The discovery was made in the summer of 2018, and since then the team of researchers have carried out tests as they try to learn more about Dogor.

The DNA was well preserved, according to David Stanton, one of the scientists working on the project. It allowed the team to work out Dogor was a male, but they have not yet been able to determine whether or not Dogor is a dog or a wolf.

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