New York City ducks out of allowing sale of foie gras

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By Euronews
New York City ducks out of allowing sale of foie gras
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New York City Council voted overwhelmingly to ban foie gras - food made from the liver of a fattened duck or goose.

The law prohibits restaurants, groceries and other food establishments from "storing, maintaining, selling, or offering to sell force-fed products or food containing a force-fed product".

Fines for violating the law could be as much as $2,000 (€1,793). The New York City ban is set to take effect in 2022, according to a summary of the legal text provided by the NYC Council.

The state of California also bans the sale of the luxury product.

The Animal Welfare Institute thanked the legislation's sponsor, councilwoman Carlina Rivera for "ensuring that this unspeakably inhumane 'luxury' food, which subjects birds to cruel force-feeding, will no longer be served or sold in NYC."

But while animal rights activists hailed the decision as a victory, foie gras producers vowed to fight it.

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