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Hong Kong protests expected to go ahead on China anniversary despite ban

Hong Kong protests expected to go ahead on China anniversary despite ban
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Pro-democracy protests are expected to take place in Hong Kong on Tuesday - on the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Federal Republic. It's in defiance of a ban on the demonstrations taking place having been confirmed by the authorities.

Tom Grundy, Editor-In-Chief and Co-Founder of Hong Kong Free Press, told Euronews that he's certain that the protests will go ahead;

"If scenes from (Sunday) are anything to go by, things could get hairy quite fast.

"We saw dozens of arrests, the use of tear gas, pepper spray and water cannon using tear spray and blue dye, as well as rubber bullets and even a live round (of ammunition).

"And on the protester side, there were Molotov cocktail,s vandalism, and the burning of the makeshift barricades.

"So certainly protesters will be gathering despite the ban, so this could be overshadowing the 70th anniversary celebrations that Beijing has in mind,

Violence between police and protesters in Hong Kong continued over the weekend, having begun three months ago. They were initially sparked by the now withdrawn extradition bill, which critics say would have allowed protesters to be removed to mainland China for trial.

The demonstrations have broadened into pro-democracy movement, with many more protests planned in the coming weeks and months.

Tom Grundy said it remains a volatile situation:

"It's difficult to predict how things will go tomorrow, let alone how they will unravel in the weeks to come."