Brexit Party 'here for the long term' says victorious Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage told Euronews his Brexit party was 'here for the long term'
Nigel Farage told Euronews his Brexit party was 'here for the long term'   -  Copyright  REUTERS
By Luke Hurst

The former UKIP leader told Euronews the two-party system in British politics "needs breaking apart" as heralded his Brexit Party's victory in European elections.

Nigel Farage said his brand new Brexit Party was "here for the long term" after storming to victory in the European elections.

He claimed the two-party system that has dominated the House of Commons for generations "needs breaking apart" and said he would not "hand back" power to the Conservative and Labour parties after Britain leaves the EU.

The Brexit Party won 29 seats in the European Parliament — the joint-highest number across the whole of Europe. It also wiped out his former UKIP party, performing slightly better than it had done in 2014.

Farage told Euronews he wants his MEPs to be part of the Brexit negotiating team, as the UK attempts once more to navigate its way out of Europe by a new deadline of 31 October.

"Frankly, if we left this to the existing Labour and Conservative parties, it simply wouldn't happen," he said.

He blamed the UKIP meltdown on the party's embrace of extremism.

Pro-EU parties also saw a big surge in support compared to 2014, before the Brexit referendum, with the Lib Dems, Greens and Scottish Nationalists all doing well.

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