UK: MPs urge police to improve response to abusive protesters

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By Cristina Abellan Matamoros
UK: MPs urge police to improve response to abusive protesters

More than 50 MPs have called on Britain's police force to improve its response to abusive protesters outside Parliament after Conservative MP, Anna Soubry, faced chants by protesters calling her a "Nazi" and a "liar" on Monday.

Soubry was doing a live interview with British media when she was accosted by protesters.

Afterwards, Brexit commentator Femi Oluwole filmed protesters calling Soubry a "fascist".

Euronews asked James Goddard - the man who was shouting at Soubry - why he was doing so.

Analysis from Euronews' Wesminster correspondent, Vincent McAviney

"Protesters have been good-natured until, a couple of weeks ago, a group of far-right protesters started coming down (to College Green) and they’ve been hurling abuses at journalists and heckling MPs. It has now stepped up into something quite ugly."

"Soubry is now questioning why the police who protect the houses of Parliament did not step in. And around 50 other MPs have written today to the Metropolitan Police asking this question"

McAviney said there has been this rising climate of abuse towards MPs, recalling the murder of MP Jo Cox back in 2016.

"MPs are worried that this has gone too far and there is now a threat to public safety."