Raw Politics: Can Macron survive the 'Yellow Vest' movement?

Raw Politics: Can Macron survive the 'Yellow Vest' movement?
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By Euronews

The French President's approval rating has plummeted some more off the back of three weeks of protest.

After three weeks of protest, the French government has shelved its planned tax hikes but the 'Yellow Vest' movement shows no sign of ending. 

President Emmanuel Macron's approval rating has taken another dive and some commentators believe it will be tough for the leader, who is less than two years into his five-year term, to regain popularity. 

Daniel Cohn-Bendit, a former French MEP for the Greens, told Raw Politics he believes the biggest beneficiary of France's political turmoil will be the far-right

"They (the far-right) will be the winner, if it continues like this they will be the winner, you will see the result at the European elections," he said

Pierre Benezat, correspondent Radio France International, disputed that theory, arguing the 'Yellow Vest' has so far remained a "very apolitical movement for now."

For Nina Schick, director of data and polling at Rasmussen Global, the movement is symptomatic of a "crisis of trust" across the Western world.

"Over 60% of people living in the free world said the voice of people like me is never represented in politics," 64% of Frech people said that.

"Now when you have this crisis of trust, when you feel your government is no longer delivering for you, populists, demagogues, and charlatans can always exploit that, be that on the left or on the right," she warned.

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