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Raw Politics: Is a no deal Brexit off the table?

Raw Politics: Is a no deal Brexit off the table?
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Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May took a beating on Wednesday after her government finally released the full legal advice on Brexit.

Attorney General Geoffrey Cox warned the backstop arrangement over Ireland could see the UK trapped "indefinitely" in the EU customs union.

The main opposition Labour party said the advice showed the "central weaknesses" of the withdrawal agreement backed by May and EU leaders while Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party, whose support May's minority government relies on, described it as "devastating".

But for Nick Gutteridge, Brussels correspondent for the Sun newspaper, it did offer May a "silver lining."

Gutteridge, appearing on Euronews' Raw Politics programme, added: "It does potentially take no deal off the table. It now looks instead like it's going to be her deal or no Brexit, or possibly, a kind of a Norway-style deal.

Euronews' political editor, Darren McCaffrey, disagreed: "The idea of no deal being off the table, I don't buy that."

"The problem is that while they (MPs) may not like Theresa May's deal, can they unite behind anything else?"