Watch: the lab-made chicken nuggets that avoid killing any birds

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By Chris Harris
Watch: the lab-made chicken nuggets that avoid killing any birds

A food firm says it has developed laboratory-produced chicken nuggets that don’t involve killing any birds.

San Francisco-based company, JUST, has mixed a chicken’s stem cells with plant-based proteins, like mung beans.

“Today, with the world as it is, with growing populations, with pressure on our water systems, on our land, we need a better way,” JUST CEO Joshua Tetrick said.

“We thought the idea of providing people the meat that they love without killing the animal, without all the land and the resources, might be a good path to help us eat better in the future.”

One chef said he is impressed with the lab-produced chicken.

“The flavour's delicious,” added Jason Hull, from nearby Marin County. “The texture is spot on, and that's not easy to do, right? And - like I said - I didn't miss the real thing, you know?

“This is all plant-based, it's healthy. I know it's healthier for the planet. I know it's healthier for me and healthier for our communities,” he said.

One of the biggest challenges will be making lab-grown chicken affordable - it currently costs about €88 to create a pound of the meat.

However, it is hoped that as production increases the price will come down.

The firm said lab-grown chicken could be in US stores by next year.

The Environment Working Group said chicken has a better impact on the environment than beef but processing it is more energy and water-intensive than other meats.

Video editor • Thomas Duthois