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All the Russian football phrases you need to know for the World Cup

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By Emma Beswick
All the Russian football phrases you need to know for the World Cup

Going to the World Cup, or just looking to shout at the TV in your best Russian? Here are all the football-related phrases you need to know in under a minute.

Did you know in Russian, rather than saying the referee is blind or needs glasses they say, "Make soap out of the referee!" The phrase dates way back to when soap was made out of animal fat, and the saying alludes to the referee being cheap animal fat. 

If a player has stopped play, supporters will shout "Unosi!" meaning "carry him off (the pitch)".

Euronews journalist Sergey Shcherbakov breaks down the pronunciation of football-related words, like foul, penalty and, of course, how to order a vodka...

Here are some key phrases to know:

Goal – Гол! (Gol)

Off side – Офф-сайд (Off-sayd)

Game – Матч, игра (Match, igra)

Shall we go and see the game? - Пойдем на игру посмотрим? (Poydem na igru posmotrim)

What game is it today? – Кто сегодня играет? (Kto segodnya igraet?)

Foul – Нарушение (Narushenie)

Penalty – Пенальти (Penalti)

The referee is blind! – Судью на мыло! (Sudyu na mylo!)

To cheat – Грязная игра! (Gryaznaya igra!)

If the player is blocking the game (Carry him away!) – Уноси! (Unosi!)

The red card – Красная карточка (Krasnaya kartotchka)

Selfish player – Некомандный игрок (Nekomandny igrok)

Give him the ball – Отдай пас! (Otday pas!)

What a goal – Ну и гол! Отличный гол! (Nu i gol! Otlitchny gol!)

If you want to order vodka – Водки, бармен! (Vodki, barmen!)

Go Russia - Россия, Вперед! (Rossiya, Vpered!)