Russia issues world cup banknote

Russia issues world cup banknote
By Robert Hackwill

New 100-rouble note first for national mint to use only polymers and feature a figure unconnected with politics.

Russia has issued a special 100-rouble banknote in anticipation of the FIFA World Cup.

The banknote is the first of its kind in several ways, according to Arkady Trachuk, director general of Goznak, Russia's national mint.

It is the first Russian note fully made up of polymer substrates and the first to display a historical figure who was not head of state.

It depicts a child holding a soccer ball, looking up to a spectre of Soviet goalkeeping legend Lev Yashin.

The opposite side shows a soccer ball mid-flight with a map of Russia on it and the names of the 11 host cities.

The note is equivalent to just over 1.38 euros.

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