Florida residents share images of frozen iguanas after cold snap

Florida residents share images of frozen iguanas after cold snap
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The tropical animals freeze when temperatures drop below 5 degrees Celsius and enter a lethargic state.


Many Florida residents woke up to find cold-stunned iguanas in their backyards and on the side of the road after a cold front swept the sunshine state.

Videos uploaded to social media showed residents carrying the frozen reptiles.

Palm Beach journalist, Frank Cerabino tweeted a picture of a frozen iguana he found by his poolside that quickly went viral. 

Local media reported temperatures dropped as low as 5 degrees Celsius in some parts of South Florida on Thursday (January 4).

Iguanas like other reptiles are cold-blooded and depend on the outside atmosphere to keep warm.

When temperatures drop below a certain temperature, the iguana’s blood flow slows down and they become frozen. 

The iguanas’ bodies slowly come back to life when the weather gets warmer. 

frozen iguanas

These iguanas were found near a local pond in Lake Worth, Florida. 

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