Macedonian PM vows to revive path to EU membership

Macedonian PM vows to revive path to EU membership
By Euronews
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The Prime Minister of Macedonia has vowed to revive his country’s path to EU membership.

Zoran Zaev was speaking during a visit to Brussels for talks with senior officials.His government has promised to reform the court system and strengthen the rule of law.

“We have the intention to move the Republic of Macedonia very quickly forward on its path to the European Union integration,” he told reporters.

The country is also known as the Former Yuglosav Republic of Macedonia owing to a name dispute with Athens: Macedonia is also the name of a Greek region.

Skopje made the headline for all the wrong reasons back in April, with this brawl between protesters and members of parliament.

The EU warns: there is more to do.

“Your country has turned a page after protracted political crisis that lasted too long. Still there is no room for complacency, there is too much work to be done to get your nation back on the euro-Atlantic track,” said EU Enlargement commissioner Johannes Hahn, referring to Zaev’s intention to take the country into NATO.

Russia opposes NATO expansion and accused the West of interfering in Macedonia’s internal affairs.

Zaev, who leads the Social Democrats, and his government took power two weeks ago0, ending a two-year political crisis.

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