Aunkai Bujutsu, a martial art based on body awareness and the basics

Aunkai Bujutsu, a martial art based on body awareness and the basics
By Euronews
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In the south of Ardèche, France, euronews meets Japan's Akuzawa Minoru to learn about Aunkai Bujutsu, a newly created martial art.


In the south of Ardèche in France euronews meets Japan’s Akuzawa Minoru to learn about a martial art created at the beginning of the 21st century: Aunkai Bujutsu.

Aunkai Bujutsu teaches students to become more aware of their body, to shape it and be in sync with it in order to create a ‘martial body’. Its founder, Japan’s Akuzawa Minoru, is celebrating his 10th anniversary of teaching in Europe. He agreed to meet with euronews during one of his seminars.

The classes always start with a salute and silence must be respected at the beginning.

Christian Boudarel
“Sensei, what is Aunkai Bujutsu?”

Akuzawa Minoru
“If I had to sum up Aunkai Bujutsu, I would say that it is a method designed to train your body from within while controlling its responses and freely using it . The ‘budōs’ and the ‘bujustu’ exist – ‘budōs’ are widely used around the world. The bujustu is more of an ancient art form.

“I created the Aunkai [by putting aside the budōs and bujutsu categories] as a martial art which focused on perpetuating and deepening techniques and the ancient art.”

Christian Boudarel
“Who would benefit from this method?”

Akuzawa Minoru
“Of course as a bujutsu, if we take into account the warrior’s point of view, the Aunkai enables its disciples to improve their performance and mobility. On the other hand, for people who can’t reach that level of physical activity, learning this method can improve their daily lives and their way of thinking. The Aunkai can therefore reach more people. These are areas in which those learning can develop through the Aunkai ‘tanren’ and ‘kuren’.

Christian Boudarel
How can this method be useful to someone in the 21st century?

Akuzawa Minoru
“The older techniques that were developed in traditional Japanese schools aimed at training the body are no longer used, or used very rarely, in sports or in modern budōs. This is the reason why I wish to pursue the legacy of our elders through the Aunkai and by using my own body.

“Whether from a martial or health point of view, I always try to improve these techniques. I think that this ancient wisdom can have a positive effect on our daily lives.”

If there is one thing that characterises Akuzawa Minoru, it’s his generosity. He hides nothing from his art. He teaches openly with the aim of sharing it with his students.

Akuzawa Minoru started martial arts at the age of 16 and his school of Aunkai Bujutsu in 2003. He first came to Europe in 2006 and now regularly teaches seminars, particularly in Hungary and France. He also travels to countries such as New Zealand, Hong Kong and the United States.

Senseï: teacher, master (the person who has mastered the art form)

Bu: war

Budō: the collection of Japanese martial arts created between the end of the XIXth and the XXth century. The goal is more focused on
personal evolution

Bujutsu: techniques relating to feudal warfare from Japan. Even if partly related to personal evolution, the goal is more focused on fighting techniques

Do: way, e.g. Karaté Do, Judo, Kendo, Aïkido


Jutsu: techniques

Kunren: partner exercise to develop feeling and combined work

Tanren: solo exercise to shape the body

Facebook:Aunkai International Official Page



- France seminar

- Hong Kong seminar

- Hungary seminar

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