#AllViews: Why Donald Trump will be a great president

#AllViews: Why Donald Trump will be a great president
By Euronews
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The media has been accused of being biased when talking about President Donald Trump and, on many (liberal) people’s Facebook and Twitter feeds, his inauguration was shrouded in negativity.

On Wednesday (January 25) we asked Euronews’ viewers why they think (if indeed they do) that Donald Trump will be a great President, in order to identify the motivations of his supporters.

With many players in the mainstream media – including Euronews – as well as much of the social media conversation having been quick to highlight his contradictions and his more controversial policies, the man who won the 2016 US elections can count on tens of millions of supporters at home and an unquantifiable number abroad. It is their voices we wanted to hear.

On Facebook we received roughly 100 comments, of which around 40 were genuinely supportive of the new US President. Slightly more (around 50) comments were negative, with the remaining few showing no apparent preference either way.

Among those who told us why they think Donald Trump will be a great President, the most repeated reasons seem to be that:

1. He’s doing what he promised during the campaign
2. He’s not a politician (he’s a businessman, doesn’t belong to the elite…)
3. He will improve relations with Russia
4. He’s not Hillary Clinton

The following is one of the most consistent comments:

He will create jobs for infrastructure builders. His rule will emphasize the importance US has been playing in the world politics for the last decade (as a different path will be chosen from now on, we will learn the importance of US previous watchdog position regarding world peace and politics). Improving US-RU relations could save the world from next major conflict. He will improve the life for his supporters in the central states (vs coastal). He will show the world that a a lot of traditional christian values are outdated (through enforcement of such values, though). He will show us why the world is worse off, when based on economical values instead of ideals. This could cause a big shift of thought for most of the world and he should get praise for it (which he will most likely not get that much).

There are also interesting insights to be found in the replies to the comments, like when two users discuss Donald Trump’s family values.

E. K.He had three marriages in which he cheated on each wife openly with the next wife, great family values!

D. B.… and yet he’s now happily married for more than a decade and has an adoring, successful family. Why are you judging something they obviously don’t? Tell me, what did you have to say about Clinton?

You can read the whole conversation (and participate) here

There has been a lot of negativity around Donald #Trump‘s inauguration. Tell us in one tweet why he will be a great president

— euronews (@euronews) January 25, 2017

On Twitter users started by wishing us good luck with the experiment. While some thanked us “finally some diversity of thought” others asked us to “go home”.

You’re drunk euronews</a>, go home.</p>— letterstolocke (letterstolocke) 25 de enero de 2017

We got around 8 “serious” replies among the 50 comments.

Again, the main reasons seem to be “he’s not Clinton”, he’s not a politician, job creation, and the good Dow Jones figures.

euronews</a> <a href="https://twitter.com/WilksJeremy">WilksJeremy He could create some more jobs in the manufacturing industry, such as automotive. . . . . that’s it. That’s all I got.

— Tom Coppinger (@toonedin) 25 janvier 2017

euronews</a> Simple, he is not Hillary Rodham Clinton. That give him 10 steps toward being a great leader.</p>— Richard Goldy (1rgoldy) 25 janvier 2017

We didn’t receive any email on the subject.

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