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Every Friday journalists from euronews’ various language teams choose a selection of stories from Europe and beyond which did not reach the international…


Every Friday journalists from euronews’ various language teams choose a selection of stories from Europe and beyond which did not reach the international headlines.

Checking on elderly could become part and parcel of the job

Postmen and women in France are set to deliver more than just letters, it’s emerged.

La Poste va proposer des visites à domicile chez les personnes âgées

— France 3 Bourgogne (@F3Bourgogne) 11 octobre 2016

La Poste is set to launch a new service that will see its workers drop by and check on elderly people during their delivery rounds.

The offer is set to be priced at 135 euros per month for six visits each week.

France: Base jumper dies after crashing into building

A base jumper died after he crashed into the foot of a building near Montenvers station, Chamonix, France.

According to eyewitnesses, the victim’s parachute failed to open.

The wingsuit jumper, believed to be Russian, is thought to have jumped from the Aiguille du Midi – which stands at 3,842m near Mont Blanc in the French Alps – but this has yet to be confirmed.

“This is the first accident of this type, so close to the town centre,” said Jean-Louis Verdier, deputy mayor of Chamonix.

He added that while the victim hit a wall, he could have “hit cars or people, something that really worries us”.

#Chamonix suspend la pratique du #wingsuit après plusieurs accidents #AFP</a></p>&mdash; AFP Lyon (AFPLyon) 5 octobre 2016

Base jumping is considered one of the most dangerous sports in the world. This is the eighth death of a wingsuit jumper in France this year, the fifth in Chamonix. Few days later, the city placed a ban on the sport.

Australia: Mayor bids to make town porn free

The residents of an Australian city are being asked by their leaders to not watch pornography.

A large crowd gathered on Tuesday, led by civic officials, where they pledged to keep their town porn-free.

Toowoomba, near the Gold Coast, is home to a brothel, a strip club and a number of adult shops. But Mayor Paul Antonio was adamant about his stance.

“We’re not talking about the people who are visiting the brothel or going along to the strip club,” he said.
‘We’re talking about the people who are impacted by pornography, and its impact on relationships.”

Not moving to Toowoomba now because I thought it said “free porn” and not “I will help create a city free from porn”. #SexPestCapital

— Timmy McIntyre (@IMTIMMcINTYRE_) October 12, 2016

UK: Britain apologises for splitting Italians

Britain’s Foreign Office has apologised for school forms in some districts that split Italians into three categories, according to Pasquale Terracciano, Italy’s ambassador to the United Kingdom.


Italy's ambassador to UK criticises UK school forms asking parents to say if child is “Italian”, “Italian-Sicilian” or “Italian-Neapolitan”.

— Manuela Saragosa (@ManuelaBBC) 12 octobre 2016

Terracciano intervened when parents complained after being asked to identify pupils’ origins as being of Italian, Neapolitan-Italian, or Sicilian-Italian origin. The foreign office said the error would be fixed.

The ambassador pointed out that Italy had been a unified country since 1861.

Denmark: Scientist working on reducing burp emissions from cows

Danish scientists are trying to use DNA technology to make grass that will reduce the methane emissions of cows.

You have heard of super food for humans, no there is a super grass for cows. Why you ask! To cut down methane…

— Spare Harvest (@SpareHarvest) 14 octobre 2016

“It will simply create a better diet for the cow, which can utilise the feed more efficiently and therefore they don’t release as much methane when they burp,” says senior researcher Torben Asp, who is overseeing the project.


Experts also hope that the new feed will see a rise in the production of milk.

USA: Heartbroken mum donates breast milk

stillborn son has decided to donate 16 gallons of breast milk. Wendy Cruz-Chan was devastated when her baby, Killiam, died 19 weeks into her pregnancy after she suffered a uterus infection.

“I wanted to turn something tragic into something good,” Wendy Cruz-Chan of New York told

Belarrusian lad steals $5,000 and buys mates hamsters

An 11-year-old schoolboy from Minsk stole $5,200 (4,700 euros)from his father over four months.


With his ill-gotten gains he splashed out on an expensive bicycle, an iPhone, and sports equipment. He also gave two of his friends a cage and three hamsters.

No criminal case will brought against the 11 year old but his parents will be charged with failing to comply with their responsibilities and have to pay a fine of 210 Belarusian rubles (about 110 US dollars).

Racoon steals phone and films the robbery

A video of a man’s attempt to film a racoon on his phone went viral after the animal stole the the device,recording the theft.

In the footage, Guy Williams from Elizabethtown, Kentucky yells for the animal to bring it back but the racoon continues his mad dash with his newly-gained iPhone.


The racoon eventually drops the phone and Williams retrieves it.


— Guy Williams (@ThatShamuGuy) October 12, 2016

Icelandic MP breastfeeds baby during parliamentary speech

Unnur Bra Konradsdottir, MP for Iceland’s Independence Party, breastfed her baby girl while giving a speech at the Althingi Parliament.

In a political first for Iceland and possible the world, the mother fed her child while giving a speech to the assembly. Attitudes towards breastfeeding in public are considered to be very liberal in Iceland, as this event clearly demonstrates.

The politician explains why she brought her baby with her to the podium during a speech on immigration law.


Unnur Bra Konradsdottir quote: “She was hungry and I had not expected to go to the pulpit.”


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