Passengers flying out of Ataturk Airport express shock at bloodshed

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By Euronews  with Agencies
Passengers flying out of Ataturk Airport express shock at bloodshed

Passengers arriving from Istanbul at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport have expressed shock after hearing of the carnage that left 41 dead and hundreds injured at Ataturk International Airport.

Many learned about the killings while airborne:“I can`t believe it that, you know, I feel like, how are we alive? You know, if the flight was delayed two hours, we would have been exactly on that spot. Looking at the pictures, we were right there. So, it`s just horrific,” said one passenger, another found out on the Internet:“I learned about it when I was on the flight through WIFI. It was like crazy, really sad. I was actually there a couple of hours before.”

A returning New Yorker said security at the airport appeared adequate:“We went through – from a connecting flight on an international flight – we went through two additional check points just to get to our gate. So from where we were, it seemed…you know, we went through metal detectors, our bags went through, then our passports were checked. It seemed, you know, the security seemed good.”

At Houston International Airport not everyone flying to Istanbul was aware of the attack.
“Whoa. I cannot believe it. Are you, are you serious or is it a joke? Well I think I won’t travel anymore.”
Others refused to be cowed: “You never know nowadays. You can’t let it you know put you back, you gotta still keep going. Can’t let these things scare you.”