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Trump and Clinton are the big winners in New York

Trump and Clinton are the big winners in New York
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  • Trump and Clinton score decisive wins in NY
  • Both move closer to securing nominations
  • Next stop – US northeast and five more primaries

Front-runners Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have scored big wins in New York state’s US presidential nomination contest.

Trump’s win moves him closer to capturing the 1237 delegates needed to win the Republican nomination outright, avoiding a contested convention in July.

In his victory speech Trump said he thought the race for the Republican nomination was all but over:

“We don’t have much of a race anymore based on what I am seeing on television. Senator Cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. We have won another state. As you know, we have won millions of more votes than Senator Cruz, millions of more votes than senator Kasich.”

A poor showing by Republicans Ted Cruz and John Kasich meant they are already looking ahead to next Tuesday’s contests in the northeast ; Pennsylvania, Connecticut Delaware, Maryland and Rhode Island.

Hillary Clinton, who is a former New York Senator, appears to have banished her recent seven losses out of the last eight contests, taking a big step towards wrapping up the Democratic nomination.

Her victory speech focused on looking to the future:

“Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are pushing a vision for America that is divisive and frankly dangerous. And we have a very different vision, that it’s about lifting each other up not tearing each down.”

For Democratic rival Bernie Sanders, the outlook is bleak. Clinton’s victory expands her number of pledged delegates making it nearly impossible for him to catch up.

The Democratic system includes pledged delegates won per state, as well as so-called “unpledged” or “super delegates”. Hillary Clinton has a huge lead among the party leaders and elected officials who each get a vote at the convention.


Donald Trump 60.03%
John Kasich 25.22%
Ted Cruz 14.75%

Hillary Clinton 57.60%
Bernie Sanders 42.40%