And also...Israeli 'spy vulture' returned home, German girl finds fortune at bottom of lake, and get away from my flamingo!

And also...Israeli 'spy vulture' returned home, German girl finds fortune at bottom of lake, and get away from my flamingo!
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Every Friday, journalists from euronews’ various language teams choose a selection of stories from Europe and beyond which did not reach the


Every Friday, journalists from euronews’ various language teams choose a selection of stories from Europe and beyond which did not reach the international headlines:

UN helped Israel to retrieve vulture that was branded a spy by Lebanon

UN forces had to mediate an unusual dispute between Lebanon and Israel, after Lebanese villagers captured a vulture, fearing it was spying for the Hebrew state because it was wearing Israeli tag mark on its talon and a tracking radio emitter. The vulture has now been safely returned to the Israeli Nature and Park authority.

Israeli 'spy vulture' returned safely after being captured in Lebanon

— The Jerusalem Post (@Jerusalem_Post) January 29, 2016

Groundhog Day Groundhog Day Groundhog Day Groundhog Day etc.

British TV channel Sky Comedy broadcast the comedy Groundhog Day, in which Bill Murray lives the traditional Pennsylvania holiday over and over again. But, sensing an opportunity for some humour of its own, the channel did not just air the film once. Instead, the movie ran on loop over 24 hours.

Class, class. class. Today. Feb 2nd #GroundhogDay. Nice one Sky Comedy! Chan. 301 VirginMediaIE</a> 308 <a href="">

— Marty Miller (@MartyMtweets) February 2, 2016

Hungary’s two-tailed dog party wagging with delight

A frivolous, tongue-in-cheek political party in Hungary has made a breakthrough, relatively-speaking. The Kétfarkú Kutya Párt (Two-Tailed Dog Party) has registered in opinion polls for the first time, albeit with just one percent of the vote.

It was founded in 2006, promising eternal life and free beer. The party hit the headlines last year when they organised a billboard campaign to oppose the Hungarian government’s anti-refugee drive.

Depardieu ‘kills deer’ with of Russian watch

French actor Gerard Depardieu grabbed attention once again, this time for appearing in an advertisement for a Swiss luxury watch brand, offering models specially designed for the Russian market.

In the advert, Depardieu, who famously acquired Russian citizenship, stands in a forest leaning on a deer he has killed, with a gun in one hand and a cigarette in the other. At the end of the ad when the watch appears, bearing Russia’s coat of arms, Depardieu, says “Proud to be Russian.” An assertion that can be found also on the watch.

Cyprus : Keep your distance from flamingos

Bothering flamingos, or any wild birds, and accessing Larnaca Salt Lake in Cyprus, is illegal, the game and fauna service has warned. Due to photo competitions asking for the best flamingo shots, people had started getting too close to the birds.

#Flamingos, wind turbines and killer sunsets.

— Sorelle Amore (@SorelleAmore) January 29, 2016

The same applies to drones, which are a terrible nuisance to the flamingos, the service said. A wild and threatened species of birds, flamingos flock to Cyprus in huge numbers to spend winter there before continuing their journey to their nesting areas mainly Turkey, Italy, France and Spain.

Each year the salt lake at Larnaca, Cyprus is visited by thousands of flamingos

— SimonThompson ➤➤➤➤➤ (@Tunnelbreeze) January 31, 2016

Iran: wishes do come true

Abbas, a 12-year old suffering from Neuroblastome Cancer, realised his biggest dream: he became a policeman for a day, thanks to Ahvaz police and a charity association.

عباس عبدالله زاده کودک ۱۲ ساله مبتلا به سرطان است که آرزو داشت پلیس شود، به همت نیروی انتظامی اهواز به آرزویش رسید

— jam news (@jamnewsir) 30 Janvier 2016

UK: No lines on roads?

White lines are being removed from the centre of some roads in England to help improve safety. Tests on three roads in London have showed that drivers slowed down when the markings were removed. The scheme is set to be extended to other parts of the country.

End of the road for white lines on UK highways | via Telegraph</a> <a href=""></a> <a href="">#roads</a> <a href="">#safety</a> <a href="">#roadsafety</a> <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; CMO Software (cmo_software) 3 Février 2016

16 year-old becomes owner of 500 gram gold bar

While on holiday last summer, a German student found a bar of gold at the bottom of a lake. The girl took her discovery to the local police station in Berchtesgaden. The police were trying to find the legitimate owner, but even when they recovered the removed serial number, they could not find anyone claiming ownership. Six months after the legal deadline to locate the lawful owner passed, the girl is now allowed to pick up her bar of gold, the value of which is estimated to be around EUR 16,000.

Bade-Fund: Schülerin bekommt Goldbarren vom Königssee

— DIE WELT (@welt) February 4, 2016

USA: ‘Please Clap’ for Jeb Bush – er, no thanks

US presidential candidate, and brother of former president George W. Bush, Jeb Bush was roundly ridiculed online after meekly asking an audience to applaud his statements. Bush was speaking on the campaign trail in New Hampshire, and after telling a gathering that he wanted the US to take the lead in world peace, asked them to “Please Clap”. Video of the moment went viral.

Poor JebBush</a> <a href="">#pleaseclap</a> <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Matt Wilstein (TheMattWilstein) February 3, 2016

Jeb Bush's Pep Rally #PleaseClap#BetterHalftimeShowsmidnight</a> <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Jean Carlos Nuñez (jeannunez88) February 5, 2016


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