MSF: will Haydan lead to a change of heart?

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By Euronews  with Reuters, APTN
MSF: will Haydan lead to a change of heart?

Medecins Sans Frontieres says it may be forced to reconsider how it deploys staff after another of the hospitals it supports was flattened by air strikes.

Staff and patients escaped largely unharmed after the small facility in Haydan in northern Yemen endured a two-hour bombardment.

MSF says the coordinates of the hospital were well-known and it had identification painted on its roof. The organisation says deliberately targeting a hospital is a war crime. UNICEF says it is the 39th health centre hit in the region since March.

The president of MSF France, Dr Meguerditch Terzian, says the organisation may be forced to rethink how it deploys its staff:

“At least 19 hospitals have been partially destroyed in Yemen over the last six months, so this one, our hospital in Haydan, is number 20 which is very significant. I am very worried about the situation in Yemen and in Syria as well as in other countries where we are intervening and we are wondering if we should continue to send personnel to these countries where even the regular armies do not respect international law.”

Humanitarian safety

The safety of humanitarian workers in conflict zones is already in the headlines.

22 people including 12 MSF staff died when a hospital in Kunduz in northern Afghanistan was hit by a US air strike at the start of October.

The NGO has condemned what it says both amount a violation of international law and is demanding explanations.