Air war rages over Syria and Iraq

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By Euronews
Air war rages over Syria and Iraq

Rebel forces in Idlib claim Syrian government forces have launched a deadly barrel bomb attack on the town of Ariha killing six and injuring many more.

As the conflict in Syria rages in neighbouring Iraq coalition air strikes on ISIL positions have intensified with the announcement that Iraqi F-16s have taken part for the first time.

Khalid al-Obeidi, Iraqi Defence Minister informed the media:” The participation of F-16 fighter planes will have a big impact on the course of the battles in the future, mainly in targeting extremists and ISIL militant hideouts.”

As the defence minister left the news conference his cavalcade came under sniper fire.

The minister was unharmed, but one of his guards has been wounded.

According to reports the Iraqi F-16s have carried out 15 guided missile attacks against ISIL since Thursday.