Egypt: bomb hits Cairo police building, six wounded

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By Euronews
Egypt: bomb hits Cairo police building, six wounded

A car bomb in a Cairo suburb has wounded at least six police officers and badly damaged a state security building.

There are no confirmed dead.

The Egyptian interior ministry says a man fled on a motorbike after leaping out of a car which then exploded.

The attack happened early on Thursday morning in the in the northern Shubra al-Khama district of the capital.

“I was on my way back from work, driving my car over a bridge. Suddenly the bridge shook strongly, it felt like an earthquake,” said one witness.

“Everything around me shook strongly, people started running in the streets, I saw a wounded man on the ground; the windows fell on him, because the blast was so strong,” another young man added.

No-one has claimed responsibility but militants in Sinai sympathetic to ISIL, which controls parts of Iraq and Syria and has a presence in Egypt, have previously been behind attacks on security forces.

Euronews’ Cairo correspondent Mohammed Shaikhibrahim reported from the scene of the blast:
“This terrorist attack comes a few days after the Egyptian president’s endorsement of the new anti-terrorism law that gives security forces more powers to counter terrorist activities and attacks that still hit Egypt.”