France: farmers move blockades further south

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By Euronews
France: farmers move blockades further south

There has been a mixed reaction in France to news that the government has announced 1.1 billion euros worth of measures to support its livestock industry.

The aim is to halt a wave of protests that have blocked roads in the north of the country.

For some, the gesture is enough. But others are angry; they want to see an increase in prices for produce at the till.

Blockades have been dismantled in the north of France, but are set to be installed around major cities further south, like Lyon.

Roads in the north of France have been by muck-spreading go-slows.

Foreign importers have also found themselves targeted. A Spanish importer of dairy produce found his tanker emptied of milk in the middle of the carriageway.

President Francois Hollande has promised a plan to combat low prices, increased competition in the market and a squeeze on margins by processors and retailers.