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And 'undead' volcano in Transylvania could come back to life; good news in Greece, for gays at least

And 'undead' volcano in Transylvania could come back to life; good news in Greece, for gays at least
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Every Friday journalists from euronews’ various language teams choose a selection of stories from Europe and beyond which did not reach the


Every Friday journalists from euronews’ various language teams choose a selection of stories from Europe and beyond which did not reach the international headlines

Long-time sleeping volcano could suddenly wake-up in Transylvania

Hungarian volcanalogists say it has been 32,000 years since the Ciomadul volcano in the Carpathian Mountains erupted.

But the experts are warning that even after such a long sleep it could take very little to wake it up.

To put it the scientific way – their research suggests that the melt-bearing crystal magma is always present beneath the volcano and it can reactivate very quickly.

Scientists say, that events which led to the creation of Lake Saint-Anne at the base of Ciomadul were very similar to the last eruption of the Calbuco volcano in Chile, which you can see in this video:

New bill boosts rights for gay couples in Greece

New legislation being put up for public consultation by the Greek government stipulates that same-sex couples should have the same rights as married people – although it stops short of allowing gay marriage

The move follows Greece’s conviction in December 2013 by the European Court which deemed that the existing law discriminates against gays.

100 year-old school lessons revealed on hidden blackboards

Workmen at a school in Oklahoma in the US removed blackboards only to find another set of boards behind them.

Multiplication tables and the history of the pilgrim fathers were some of the subjects still chalked on the boards.

It is believed the scribbling has remained untouched for around a hundred years.

You find a lesson on pilgrims in every classroom. There was #aligned curriculum in #1917.

— OKC Public Schools (@OKCPS) 5 Juin 2015

Belgium defies France with euro coin marking Napoleon defeat

Belgium on Monday began minting €2.50 coins marking the 200th anniversary of Napoleon’s defeat of at the Battle of Waterloo, after France forced it to scrap a two-euro coin made for the same purpose.

Earlier this year Paris objected to the new Belgian coin, commemorating the French emperor’s defeat by British and Prussian forces, saying it would create tensions at a time when Europe’s unity is under threat.

But Belgium has managed to get round the objection by using a rule that allows eurozone countries to unilaterally issue coins if they are in an irregular denomination – in this case, €2.50.

#Waterloo 1815-2015. L'histoire belge de la pièce de 2,5 euros qui en coûte 6

— Philippe Bernard (@canalbernard) 9 Juin 2015

Crowdfunding space porn

Eva Lovia and Johnny Sins launched an Indiegogo campaign to make the first porno movie in space.

Lovia, Sins, adult site Pornhub, and studio Digital Playground are hoping enough people donate to raise $3.4 million 3,039,115 euros) that they say is needed to make the film.


The project is being dubbed as intergalactic sexploration.

German parliament fails to repel hack attack

German cyber experts are still struggling to regain control of the Bundestag’s (German parliament) computer systems after an attack by hackers over a month ago.

It’s being reported in German media that the entire computer network in parliament – 20,000 terminals – may have to be replaced.

The hackers somehow continue to possess administrator rights to the system.


In the Bundestag, every day is a hack day.

— Friedrich Lindenberg (@pudo) June 11, 2015

Photographer famous for first Chernobyl nuclear disaster pictures dies

The Ukrainian photographer who took the first photos after Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster – has died.

Igor Kostin risked his life taking photos of the aftermath at close range. All except one were ruined by radiation. The surviving picture became one of the defining images of Chernobyl.

A year later he was awarded the World Press Photo prize for his work.

R.I.P Igor Kostin who's photos documented both the horror & the bravery in the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster

— Chernobyl Gallery (@ChernobylG) 11 Juin 2015

Leeds busker scores No.1 hit in Vietnam after uploading songs on YouTube

A busker from Leeds discovered that she had topped the charts in Vietnam and scored a hit in Mongolia after uploading her songs on YouTube.


Hannah Trigwell, 24, has become an unlikely star in South-east Asia after posting a video of her song ‘Headrush’.

The singer was encouraged to upload her songs after being discovered busking in Leeds town centre, and they have now amassed 30 million views on YouTube.

Hannah only found out about her success via Twitter.

Russia’s national anthem could become required listening in schools

Lawmakers have introduced legislation that would require schools to play the Russian national anthem at the beginning of every week.


The legislation’s memorandum states that the majority of Russian schoolchildren do not know the lyrics of the song, which they say hinders the development of ‘their patriotic consciousness and their readiness to perform their civic duty.’

Russian parliament defends right to be forgotten

A parliamentary committee has approved a first draft of legislation that would introduce the ‘right to be forgotten’ in Russia.

The law would allow individuals to order Internet search engines delete any information about them that is either untrue or more than three years old.

Search engines would also become legally responsible for linking to information that libels or slanders individuals.


The only exception written into the legislation currently applies to information about past criminal convictions.


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