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Ferguson: Brown family calls for equality following the shooting of their son

Ferguson: Brown family calls for equality following the shooting of their son
By Euronews
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National Guard troops and police positioned themselves in front of protesters in Ferguson Missouri late on Wednesday in a move aimed at heading off a third night of violence.

Meanwhile the family of Michael Brown – the black teenager shot dead by a local police officer – has spoken out accusing the US justice system of failing them.

“Respect is definitely at the core And we deserve equal amount of respect and we are not getting it, and that was all that we wanted is equality for what happened to our son,” said Lesley McSpadden, mother of Michael Brown, in her first televised interview since a Grand Jury’s decision not to charge the police officer who shot her unarmed 18-year-old son.

She continued saying: “And I think it’s very unfair and I’m just like, I never knew that this is how things would go, this is how things operated there, that the system could fail you so much.”

Across the United States largely peaceful protests have continued from New York to Los Angeles.

Tensions between police and black Americans have simmered for decades but the Brown killing and the much viewed lack of legal come-back against the officer who shot him appears to have crystalised a sense of anger.

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