Spanish respond to ISIL threats with humour

Internet users mock spokesman who warned of further attacks in Spain.

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Spanish respond to ISIL threats with humour

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A few hours after the Islamic State group published a video for in Spanish for the first time threatening with more attacks in the Country, netizens accross Spain launched a fight back with their sharpest weapon: humour.

Twitter users have done parodies of the Jihadist by changing the audio, adding subtitles or creating memes.

The Jihadist has been identified by Spanish intelligence as Abdullah Ahram Pérez, he’s known to his comrades as “El Qurtubi” which means “from Córdoba” in Arabic.

But it turns out that El Cordobés is also the pseudonim of a notable bull fighter… who has been embroiled in a decades-long paternity claim.

So the first and most obvious jokes were about the bull fighting star.

El Cordobés denies paternity of Al Qurtubí, the ISIL terrorist

Also the fact that his mother’s name is Tomasa – she’s from Spain and went to Syria with her children in 2014 to join the Islamic State – has been a source of amusement to the web.

You cannot be an ISIL terrorist and having a mother called Tomasa Pérez Mollejas. It’s not serious

Then there’s the classic ‘photoshoppers’ depicting the terrorist in all sort of situations:

As a rapper:

At Sevilla’s “Feria de Abril” festival

He went to see the world, he came back as a pretentious hipster

Selling products – Dash washing powder sounds similar to the word used for ISIL in Spanish Dáesch

Or starring in a TV dating show

Another popular gag was switching El Cordobés’ beard and headgear.