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  • Putin says very much hopes he will not have to use right to use military force in East Ukraine ( Reuters)
  • Putin says relations with China developing extremely succesfully, but creating military-political alliance with China is not on the agenda (Reuters)
  • Putin says Russian forces were in Crimea during the referendum supporting local defence forces (Reuters)
  • Russia has to speed up switching Crimea’s banking system to rouble (Putin)
  • Putin says he is sure Russia will find m​utual understanding with Ukraine (Reuters)




  • Monti’s full confidence in eurozone

    Italy’s prime minister Mario Monti says he believes the eurozone debt crisis is nearly over… 28/03/12 14:33 CET

  • UK growth revised down

    Britain’s economy shrank more than previously thought at the end of last year. Updated numbers… 28/03/12 14:33 CET

  • Portugal’s pain as austerity bites

    Portugal has just drawn praise from the so-called troika – the European Commission, International… 28/03/12 16:39 CET

  • Russian goes big on bonds

    Russia is raising the equivalent of 5.24 billion euros by selling bonds redeemable in five, 10 and… 28/03/12 14:33 CET




  • A Sweet Solution

    European scientists are sharing a sweet new solution to one of the bitter enemies of chocolate… 28/03/12 17:14 CET


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