Brazil home made with of over 6,000 bottles

Brazil home made with of over 6,000 bottles

A home in Brazil made of thousands of discarded bottles is proving quite the attraction in a rural area of Sao Paulo state.

It's a labour of love for single mother Ivone Martins who took to building this house following the death of her son.

The glass bottles are placed on their side and bound together with cement.

Martins got the idea to build the house after seeing large quantities of dumped bottles in the area.

Speaking to Reuters, the proud homeowner said her bottle house was not only good for cutting construction costs but was also helping the environment.

At three metres high, nine metres wide and eight metres in length, Martin fashioned a bedroom, corridor, kitchen and a bathroom out of more than 6,000 bottles.

But work on the home is not over, with Martins also thinking about how to incorporate other recycled materials to make furniture for the home.