New scan table enables polar bear's medical check-up

New scan table enables polar bear's medical check-up

A routine medical check on a 12-year-old polar bear at Brookfield Zoo in the United States has been carried out to extract a sample for artificial insemination.

A team from the Chicago Zoological Society performed the examination, which included a CT scan and medical imaging of internal organs, to ensure the bear named Hudson was in good health.

The society says a new CT scan table, that can hold up to roughly 2,200 pounds (997 kilograms), was donated to the facility in 2016.

The table made the medical examination possible for Hudson, who weighs over 1,000 pounds (453 kilograms).

After confirming the viability of the semen collected from the bear, a sample was transported to a Wisconsin zoo to use with one of its polar bears. Officials say another sample was used to inseminate a bear at Brookfield Zoo.

Many experts say climate change and the loss of Arctic sea ice are an increasing threat to wild polar bear populations.