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Meet Anna McNuff: the woman who is running her way around the world

Women Beyond Borders Episode 2
Women Beyond Borders Episode 2   -   Copyright  Euronews
By Eva zu Beck

Self-professed mischief maker and adventurer Anna McNuff has inspired a generation of fitness lovers with her unique travelling style - running and cycling across countries around the world.

Last year, Anna ran the length of Britain completely barefoot. That’s 2,352 miles, equivalent to 90 marathons. In 2013, she cycled across every US state over seven months. As if that wasn’t enough, she ran the length of New Zealand two years later, and cycled the ridge of the Andes mountains in 2016.

For Anna, travel is “never stopping learning about the world, or being excited by how wonderful it is.”

What keeps her going?

In her video, Anna describes the self confidence and self reliance her adventures have given her: “When you’re up a mountain in the middle of nowhere and you’ve hurt your ankle, or run out of food and water, and you’re four days away from the nearest village with no phone signal, there’s a voice that says ‘if I just keep going, I will make it.’”

Watch Anna’s video to discover more about her adventures.

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Women Beyond Borders

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