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How will France's far-right National Rally impact Brussels? | Radio Schuman

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How could France's second legislative election this Sunday (7 July) affect the European Parliament? Radio Schuman talked to a National Rally MEP to find out.


How will the French far-right National Rally influence Brussels if Jordan Bardella is elected as prime minister? Who will be the next French commissioner? What institutional positions might the party seek in the European Parliament?

Radio Schuman quizzed re-elected National Rally MEP Virginie Joron on all this; we also discussed the situation in France ahead of the second round election that will take place on Sunday, 7 July.

Also, if you want to avoid eating microplastics, starting off by changing some of your kitchen habits, we've got you covered!

Radio Schuman is hosted and produced by Maïa de la Baume, with journalist and production assistant Eleonora Vasques and audio editing by Zacharia Vigneron. The music is by Alexandre Jas. Virginie Joron's voice is dubbed by Eleanor Butler.

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