What do Europeans think of the never-ending Brexit saga?

What do Europeans think of the never-ending Brexit saga?
By Maria Psara
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Euronews sat down with EU citizens to hear their thoughts on Brexit.


Since the UK referendum in 2016, Brexit seems to be the only thing EU politicians have been talking about.

But how does the average citizen feel? Euronews' Maria Psara sat down with EU citizens to hear their thoughts on Brexit after three years.

"It is really pity because Britain is part of the Europe and I have always lived in EU and I wish this moment would never happen," Annabel Minoral, a French citizen, said.

Martin Segura, from Spain, is worried about the possible domino effect Brexit will have on other EU countries.

"I think that we are stronger united than divided. And I am worried because now the British want to go, tomorrow maybe the Germans would like to leave EU too and France has said the same in case Marin Le Pen is elected. So I am really concerned about the future of me, the children and the others," Segura said.

Archy, originally from Peru, moved to Brussels and has noticed a lack of communication between EU politicians and citizens.

"From my experience here in Brussels, it seems like the people live in one world, and the politicians live in another world. And it's a pity because they are elected by us," he said.

Even though both sides have agreed to a deal, David McHardy, a UK citizen, believes Brexit is far from over.

"It's not the end of the saga, right? We've still got an enormous amount left to resolve, I would say. I mean, all this is is the agreement in how we're gonna withdraw and nothing about the future relationship. So I don't believe this is going to be over for a long time," McHardy said.

When asked how she would feel about France leaving the EU, Minoral answered very simply, "Noooo! Vive L'Europe!"

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